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Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana team up for regional rail project

Railway line

Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Botswana have embarked on a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing regional infrastructure, highlighted by the upgrading of the Beira-Zimbabwe-Botswana railway system and the construction of a new deepwater mineral port in southern Mozambique.

This ambitious initiative holds the promise of significantly boosting trade and economic development across the region, particularly in the mining and transportation sectors. It seeks to enable the extraction and transport of Botswana’s substantial coal reserves to Mozambican ports via Zimbabwean territory.

Central to the project is the establishment of a key export hub at the new deepwater port in southern Mozambique. This facility will serve as a pivotal point for the transportation of Botswana’s coal reserves, with the upgraded railway extending into central Botswana and connecting seamlessly with existing infrastructure in Zimbabwe.

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi emphasized the collaborative nature of the endeavor, stating, “We are working with our brothers in Zimbabwe to link the Machipanda line.” Further discussions among the three countries involved are slated to occur in the near future to advance the project.

Already, Mozambique has completed the upgrade of the Beira-Machipanda railway line, with an additional 10-kilometer extension underway to Mutare in Zimbabwe. Ongoing discussions aim to further integrate the railway network across the participating nations.

According to the Zimbabwean Ambassador to Mozambique, the longstanding cooperation between Zimbabwe and Botswana in railway operations sets a precedent for this expanded regional initiative. He noted, “The idea is to link the region through Zimbabwe,” underscoring the historical collaboration between these countries.

The tripartite project also includes the development of a deepwater port in Matutuine, Mozambique. While plans for such a port have been in existence for decades, the recent tripartite agreement is expected to finalize this critical infrastructure, facilitating the efficient transportation of Botswana’s coal reserves through Zimbabwe to Mozambique’s ports.

In summary, this collaborative effort among Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Botswana signifies a strategic investment in regional infrastructure that promises to unlock economic potential, streamline transportation logistics, and strengthen trade relations within Southern Africa.

In other news – Grace Mugabe’s son fails to pay maintenance

Grace Mugabe’s son, Russel Goreraza, found himself in legal trouble recently when he appeared at Concession magistrates court due to failure to pay maintenance fees amounting to $7500. The 40-year-old was originally instructed by a Concession magistrate to pay $2500 in maintenance on January 31. However, Goreraza failed to meet this obligation for three consecutive months, leading to legal consequences.

As a result of his default, Goreraza was given a wholly suspended sentence, contingent upon his ability to settle the outstanding $7500 by July 12. Munyaradzi Nengomasha served as the prosecutor in the case, highlighting the seriousness with which the matter was handled in court. Read More

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