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Big Brother Mzansi

Vyno And Terry Shared The Bed #BigBrotherMzansi

Vyno And Terry Are Making Headlines But Not For The Wrong Reasons Of Course. Viewers spent a better half of the night glued on TV hoping that Terry and Vyno would do some Mapata Pata only for Mvelo to release a huge fart like King Solomon’s Trumpet, that’s when they remembered the use of a remote. That’s the long story, short.

Well, It seems like romance is blossoming in the Big Brother Mzansi house between Vyno and Terry, although Terry is still playing hide and seek. It’s barely less than a week that Vyno was introduced in Biggie’s house but he has proved to be the only Bull in the kraal after managing to make Terry “fall” for him something other guys in the house failed to do. When Vyno and Terry are together, her big eyes become heavy, dimmed, she looks as though she is a cloud of smoke, she looks weak and defenceless, don’t joke with love things.

Vyno was spotted numerous times trying to k!ss her but it’s unfortunate his missiles landed on the wrong spot, he settled for a peck. The pair also managed to share a bed together🛏️, Terry was carried away by sleep during the cuddling session after receiving some good ones from Vyno and she almost forgot about her HoH bed, Luckily, she woke up in the morning at around 0400HRS.

Whether Terry is still playing hard to get or maybe it’s her game plan all remain unknown. For Vyno, he earlier confessed her feelings for Venus. We hope he won’t be fully locked up in Terry’s love territory because their love seems to grow every day.

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