Zimbabwe has reached a record breaking figure of 375 000 tonnes of wheat harvested this year only. Its the first time for the nation harvesting such a large quantity ever since it started growing wheat back in 1966.

Zimbabwe’s gross outcome lies between the private and the governmental farming institutions. Private farmers are expected to produce atleast 40% of the total leaving the other 60% to the government and this year they both managed to reach the set target.

All of the provinces have finished harvesting, according to the weekly bulletin from the Agricultural and Rural Development Advisory Services.

Additionally, it demonstrates that the total harvested area across the provinces is 78 063 ha, or 97% of the total planted area, with a total yield of 375 131 tonnes.

The Chief Director of Agriculture and Rural Advisory Services, Professor Obert Jiri said through hard work the country reached its targets.

“Yes, we managed to meet the target. This was through hard work, commitment and working together to produce wheat that is sufficient for the country. The effort is greatly appreciated and we are positive that we can also do more than this in the next season,” said Jiri.

The national chairman of Grain Milers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ), Mr Tafadzwa Musarara also said, “we have the biggest yield this year since wheat started. This year, Government has not only empowered the farmers, but the consumers as well in product supply and price stability.”

He went on to state that this signifies a positive turnout in the nation’s economy as we imported wheat worth $300Million US previous times. However because of such a good harvest we no longer have to import but rather keep the money and use it on other fields.

Zimbabwe Indigenous Women Farmers Association Trust president, Mrs Depinah Nkomo, said the progress was well appreciated, and urged farmers to work even harder next season.

Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union president Dr Shadreck Makombe also applauded the well deserved farmers.