Zimbabwe Begins Processing E-Passports

Zimbabwe has commenced the processing of e-passports for its citizens residing in South Africa. This development follows the refurbishment of a new building designated for this purpose, which is set to be commissioned after the conclusion of South Africa’s elections.

The initiative stems from President Mnangagwa’s directive to ensure that e-passports are accessible to all Zimbabweans, regardless of their location. Currently, a team from Zimbabwe’s Registrar General’s office, along with other consultants, is in South Africa to train consulate staff on e-passport processing.

Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Permanent Secretary Ambassador Raphael Faranisi confirmed that Zimbabweans in South Africa have begun accessing e-passport services. “The process of issuing the e-passports is already ongoing. As I speak, the e-passports are already being processed, and there is training,” Ambassador Faranisi stated. He added that consulate staff would manage any arising issues once the consultants complete the training.

The official commissioning of the new building and the e-passport services will take place after the South African elections. The event will be a collaborative effort, involving Zimbabwe’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, and an official from the relevant South African ministry.

“The commissioning will be done at a date to be advised. The proposal is that our Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade commission the project,” said Ambassador Faranisi. He emphasized that the commissioning could not proceed during South Africa’s electoral period and highlighted the need for cooperation with the host country’s immigration authorities.

Once the new government is in place, arrangements will be made with Zimbabwe’s embassy to determine the most suitable date for the commissioning. The event will cover both the new building and the e-passport services.

Ambassador Faranisi noted that the consulate staff in South Africa are currently receiving comprehensive training in both the theoretical and practical aspects of e-passport processing from the Registrar General’s office staff and consultants.