A successful career can be built with a lot of determination, hard work and when you dream big.

Not everybody has the courage to dream big and go after it, as many limitations pave as adverse obstacles on the road to success.

It is at this point, a person can persevere and strive to achieve their goals no matter what and that is the true definition of being a motivator and a successful person.

Now that 2022 is approaching, we bring to you some promises that you can make to yourself so that you can have a successful career.

1. Live by your own definition of success
You can often get confused by what success means. For others, it may be fame and wealth, but it can mean something different for you. Don’t let society determine your terms of success. Achieving a tiny goal is also success by all means.

2. Follow your own standards
Don’t live by what others expect of you. You will never be truly happy and successful because doing things that others want from you will only distance yourself from your true, inner self. ‘What do you want?’ ask yourself this and go after it.

3. Setting goals
Promise yourself that you will always set goals for yourself that allow you to be the best version of yourself. Setting goals in your life will help you to be organised and follow a routine that’ll direct you towards success.

4. Follow a disciplined life
It is very necessary to lead a disciplined life so that you have a rhythm to follow religiously. Wake up early, follow a routine and don’t stray away from your path. It is all about maintaining a successful lifestyle.

5. Don’t avoid pain and hurt
Fear, hurt and pain are all parts necessary to experience all aspects of life. The bitter and sweet feelings, both contribute to your life. Each moment teaches you something or the other that prepares you for the next adventure. And avoiding pain will only make you weaker. Battling it will make you stronger.