Shoki Mmola

After sharing the pictures on her socials, she has received both positive and negative reactions from social media users expressing their views. In short, shots have been fired!

When you check out actress Shoki Mmola who is popularly known as Celia Kunutu on SABC1’s hit soapie Skeem Saam, Instagram page, you will see just how much she appreciates her body, and that’s lovely as she has a great body. However, pictures of her walking in her bikini in public places, like petrol stations, have shocked the public.

Shoki spots beautifully green two-piece underwear, and she is seen to be pouring petrol and posing near a supermarket fridge. The pictures could shock anyone because Makunutu is always covered and never shows any skin on Skeem Saam, but Shoki is definitely and not Makunutu. She is a beautiful woman who appreciates her body.

Shoki, to her defence, looks like she has been on holiday somewhere, and that explains the bikini. I guess it shocked us that she went to a very public garage wearing that and not even covering what needed to be covered. As usual, Twitter had mixed reactions to this, some congratulating her on her beautiful body transformation, others simply could believe their eyes and called it weird, and others thought it was a hoax.

As she is a role model, some of her fans believe Shoki should positively impact her followers’ lives and not teach them bad habits. Others think the Skeem Saam actress is trying to stay relevant in showbiz.

Shoki seems to be having fun. Is it weird that she is pouring herself petrol and posing next to fridges half-naked? Well, yes! But wouldn’t you also want to show off your body if it was like this?