‘I was with my friends, hence couldn’t call back’. ‘I am over my ex’. ‘You’re just overthinking, I am not hiding anything from you’.

If your relationship is all about your partner trying to justify him or herself while you know the truth completely, there are chances that it’s time for you to move out.

Any lie, big or small, is a big no for a healthy and trustworthy relationship. So, if you find your partner lying for these 4 things, it might not just be mere lies but a red flag of a non-serious relationship.

1. They lie about who they hang out with
Transparency and communication with your partner are the foundations of a strong relationship. So, if you find your partner lying about who they hang out with or who they talk to, there’s something wrong. This might not necessarily mean they are cheating on you, or maybe it does, this is definitely a red signal that you should never ignore. Confront them about it, if you don’t get an honest and truthful answer, it’s time for you to understand that your relationship has become a victim of lies and betrayal.

2. They hide their money matters
While choosing to keep one’s money matters private is one’s calling, however, hiding it from your partner signals something serious. If your partner isn’t open about his or her financial matters with you, ask them for the reason behind it, or simply tell them that hiding things won’t do any good to them or your relationship, no matter how good intent they had behind it. If there’s no clarity still, confront them and make a decision.

3. They lie about getting over their ex
If your partner lies about getting over their ex and are still in touch with him or her, or secretly thinks about them, it’s another red sign to look out for. Past relationships are meant to be kept in the past, but if your partner is not getting over their ex, this might signify that they aren’t meant to be with you. Discuss the matter with them, and if all you get for an answer is a lie, you may need to move out for your better.

4. They lie about their personal or professional life
If you find your partner lying about their personal or professional life to you, never ignore this sign. It may signal something serious and you may even get in trouble in the future. Hence, always make sure your partner is crystal clear about his or her life with you. Ask them about their family, profession, and aspirations. Remember, a slight lie about any aspect of their life may get you in serious trouble.