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5 Reasons why people fake love

fake love

For quite a long time, journalists, specialists and rationalists look to persuade us regarding the presence of genuine romance and that some place on the planet your patner is sitting tight for you.

Sometimes we enter into a relationship we live to regret because we were in the relationship for the wrong reason or we were deceived by our partner.

This most times make us feel used and wonder why people fake love. Below are the top five reasons why people fake love.

1. To Exploit You

Have you ever wondered why some guys will profess love to you but abandoned you once they be made their way through your thighs. By nature human beings are selfish and will do anything to get that which they desire.

On the other hand, a lady might find a guy financially bouyant and would do anything to tap from your resources even if it means professing love to you. Once you run dry they find their way towards another victim.

2. Boredom

Boredom – the mother of all great achievements and epic foolish things. Many people out of boredom will cling to the closest victim to kill boredom.

In this situation the girl/boy will do anything to keep you around especially if you appear to be the fun type even if it means professing love to you. You will observe the so claimed lover will quit the relationship once he/she finds someone who appears to be more fun.

3. Fear of loneliness

Human beings are social creatures, from adolescence acclimated to life in the group. Therefore looking for someone who will be there, even when everyone else will turn away from him.

For the fear of being lonely and not having someone to talk to, someone can profess love to an opposite s.e.x just to keep him/her close.

4. Chemistry

When we see an attractive person, inside of us opens a tap from which in the blood begins to flow slowly phenylethylamine (you can call it the PEA, as the real scientists). The PEA, in turn, forces us to resort to various tricks with the aim to win the attention and passion of the person. Next two options: either the person makes it clear that he/she is not interested in you, and in this case, the tap is closed again, or, on the contrary, exhibits reciprocity, and that’s when the tap is opened to its fullest.

5. Dream

Love – it’s a dream, cultivated in us from an early age by tales, songs, movies. A beautiful word, in which you can wrap the desire to have sex, and with it the banal instinct of reproduction. Another embodiment of the human reluctance to call a spade a spade. Ideal, forcing many people spend years looking for that the only one. Although the majority of even these searches have neither the patience nor the energy: see a valid, attractive face, – I love you, let’s never part. After all, the hypocrisy – an integral feature of every inhabitant of this planet. And one of the advantages of hypocrisy – the ability to convince in anything anyone, even yourself.

Source: Fakazanews

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