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Questions a woman will ask if she loves you

There are different ways we express love. Our understanding of what love is differs depending on some factors. One, we understand love base on our environments, two, base on our experiences in life and three, base on what we have heard or what we have been told.

When a lady is in love, she often shows it. As a matter of fact, it is difficult for a lady who’s truly in love with you to hide it.

There are signs and questions she will ask that will give you a clue of heart. Some of those questions are listed in this article.

1. One of the questions a lady asks when she is in love with you is about your likes and dislikes
This question is aim at knowing how she can make you happy and avoid making you feel bad. Ladies are very conscious of the person they love so much so that they do everything within their power to avoid hurting the person.

2. The second question a lady may ask when she loves you is about your family
She wants to know if she says yes to you whether your family will accept her or not, so she asks questions about your family. This is always an investigative question. A man’s family is very important to a woman.

3. When a lady loves you, she asks about your goals in life
As a matter of fact, this is one simple way to know if a lady loves you. A lady who truly loves you will ask about your future ambition. She wants to know where she fits in.

4. The forth question she is likely to ask is about your wellbeing
She wants to know how you are doing, what you have eating, where you are going and probably why you are going there. She may not say it, but whenever she asks these questions, it may be a sign that she loves you and waiting for you to make your moves. Love is beautiful when you’re with the right person.

Source: News365

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