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Makhadzi criticizes her Durban July outfit


This past weekend’s Durban July event was awash with South African celebrity glamour and style, yet not all fashion choices met with universal acclaim. Makhadzi, known for her bold fashion statements, was at the center of attention, albeit for the wrong reasons, as her outfit failed to resonate positively with social media critics.

Responding to the ensuing backlash, the celebrated singer from Limpopo took to her social media platforms to express regret. She candidly explained that the dress was a spontaneous decision, lacking the grandeur she had initially envisioned. Despite the online ridicule, Makhadzi displayed a resilient spirit by joining in the self-deprecating humor, poking fun at herself throughout the ordeal.


“So here I am, laughing at myself all day ????. I guess I should’ve struck a pose and posted, maybe then no one would’ve noticed the lack of curves. Seriously, these curves just won’t curve! When I’m back in Johannesburg, I need to find another designer, this one might need a relocation ????????????.”

She humorously acknowledged the attempts by her friend, Zonzo, to guide her through poses, admitting that even he was hesitant to critique the attire.


“I owe an apology to my designer for springing the last-minute dress request on them. After winning the BET award, I had plans to stay in America for a week, but home called me back – no porridge and I can’t survive ????.”

Despite her jovial tone, Makhadzi also revealed the emotional toll the criticism had taken on her. “Your comments got to me last night, I’m still a bit upset. Please say sorry.” Makhadzi’s apology reflects both her humility and her ability to find humor in a challenging situation, illustrating her resilience amid scrutiny.

In other news – Man axes estranged wife to death

A tragic incident unfolded in Chegutu when a 40-year-old man, identified as Watson Musika, allegedly killed his estranged wife, Shiellah Utete, in a fit of jealousy before taking his own life with cyanide.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) confirmed the details, stating that Musika attacked Utete, 32, with an axe, inflicting fatal wounds to her neck, shoulder, and head in a bush near Maldon Compound, Chakari. After the brutal assault, Musika reportedly consumed cyanide and was discovered deceased in his kitchen at home. Read More

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