Lorraine Guyo

Socialite Lorraine Guyo is set to launch her fragrance line “Desire by Lo” early next year.

Guyo said she started learning making perfumes during the covid era but was procrastinating on going full scale due to other commitments.

Lorraine Guyo

“i started learning how to make perfumes around 2020 during the covid era. I had to come up with ways of making money and this was one of them. I couldn’t do it full svale coz ndaimbopusha zvema braids kuti zviite.

We have 3 different scents and trust me you will like them. We will be selling a few samples before the launch just to test the market” Guyo said.

Lorraine Guyo
Asked on affordability , she said they were very affordable and within everyone’s budget.

“They come in 50 and 100 mls bottle zvekuti hapadi kana yakawanda. We can’t say how much they cost now but they will be affordable for everyone “ she said.

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