Phat Joe

Local radio personality, Phat Joe’s Twitter account has been linked to p0rn0graphic content on the micro-blogging site. Under the “Likes” section of the shock-jocks profile several hardcore p0rn0graphic footage can be seen. The images and videos are of such a nature that it can’t be published here. The “Likes” section on a Twitter profile shows tweets liked by the user of the account.

It was not clear if Phat Joe himself had liked the p0rn0graphic material or if someone else had access to his official account.

Phat Joe

The findings came to light when the radio star once again reached the top of Twitter’s trending topics, when he allegedly made reckless comments about Miss South Africa 2019 judge Anele Mdoda.

The SABC said in a statement to Channel24 that it was investigating the matter. Anele’s management team declined to comment.

Phat Joe

With his name on everyone lips and internet searches, social media users took a deep dive into his online activities. Some of the p0rn0grahic material under the “Likes” tab of Phat Joe’s profile date back to 2017. Phat Joe has not commented on the matter.

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