Doves Funeral Services

Doves Funeral Services has been rated the best Funeral Service Provider of 2022 in Zimbabwe. The results were revealed through a Twitter poll that was run by a ratings poll agency Service Rate Zw.

The poll listed the top 4 Funeral Service Providers in Zimbabwe Nyaradzo Funeral Services, Kingdom Blue, Kings & Queens and Doves Funeral Services and requested their followers to vote for the best company.

Doves led with 51.1% votes, Nyaradzo followed with 26.7%, Kings & Queens 13.3% while Kingdom Blue got 8.9%.

Funeral Policy holders who spoke to this reporter said Doves is clear on its policies and the interests of their clients at heart unlike the other competitors.
Dover Funeral Services is part of the Doves Holdings which is a diversified, life assurance, bereavement management and lifestyle management entity that was established as the first professional funeral services company in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) by David John Morgan in 1902.

The company prides itself as the longest established and trusted brand in funeral service provision in Zimbabwe.

Service Rate ZW said it will continue to run a weekly poll on different service providers in Zimbabwe throughout the year 2023.

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