DJ Levels

Music producer, Roger Kadzimwe popularly known as DJ Levels, is back under the spotlight amid accusations that he is neglecting the welfare of his five-month pregnant girlfriend he met on TikTok.

The Chillspot Records co-director is reported to have told the woman’s father that he will not marry his pregnant daughter, Leah Ruvinga, but was only interested in the child she was carrying.

Levels told H-Metro he was responsible for his girlfriend’s pregnancy and was taking care of her. He said he did not understand the claims suggesting otherwise.

“I am not denying being responsible for her pregnancy. I am actually with the girl as we speak. Munhu wacho nditori naye izvezvi.

“I don’t understand when they are saying am denying responsibility,” he said.

However, Leah’s father claims Levels told him that he was untouchable as he boasts of “powerful connections.”

“I am shocked that we still have men who sexually abuse other people’s daughters by luring them with their fame.

“One such person is DJ Levels from Chillspot Records, who has impregnated my daughter Leah.

“We had no option but to send her to Levels at his Eastlea apartment after we realised she was now five-months pregnant.

“We want Levels to take full responsibility for my daughter and the unborn child.”

The father told H-Metro that Levels admitted impregnating his daughter but was not prepared to take Leah as his wife.

“Levels bluntly told the entourage we sent, to leave Leah at his apartment, that he would only look after Leah’s child.

“He told them that he was only interested in the unborn child and not Leah.

“My concern is the welfare of Leah, who needs special care at this point.

“My daughter needs to register the pregnancy but Levels remains unmoved claiming he is only interested in the unborn.”

Leah’s father is a farmer and businessman.

“By sending my daughter to Levels doesn’t mean that I cannot afford to look after her.

“The main challenge at the moment is that we are dealing with a pregnant person and the person responsible for that should step up and take responsibility.

“These guys should know that there is no pleasure without responsibility.

“What I want is for this guy to be stopped from using other people’s daughters.

“He did the same with Dr Obadiah Moyo’s daughter, Shashl and now it is my daughter.

“We also heard that he has been doing the same with other girls from Mbare, which is wrong.”

DJ Levels added:

“We also spoke to his co-director, DJ Fantan, who was also concerned about the issue.

“He apologised on Levels’ behalf but we have never heard from him since we left our daughter there.

“My concern is my daughter’s welfare and don’t want him to rent an apartment for her because he might dump her there or fail to pay rent.

“I heard the two met on TikTok where Leah used to post videos.”

Leah, who sounded distraught, told H-Metro:

“It’s personal information I can’t disclose to you. I urge you to use the information that you gathered.

“At the moment I don’t have a comment, it’s personal information as I told you.

“You can give me your number so that we can see if it’s proper to contact you back.”