Mai Tt and President ED Mnangagwa

Mai Tt spent Mother’s Day with President ED Mnangagwa and showed off pictures of their time on her Facebook. I know a few people who would be worried right now seeing Mai TT with President Mnangagwa.

People like Pattricia Jack would be shaking right now as the two seem to be mortal enemies. With things heating up between Mai Tt and Pattricia Jack, we wonder if the content creator is even worried about seeing Mai Tt with the president.

Anyways, Mai Tt shared these pictures with the Zimbabwean President and had this to say: A special Mother s day well spent with His Excellency Dr ED Mnangagwa . We love you President. ED pfeeeee

Mai Tt and President ED Mnangagwa

According to the pictures shared, President ED has the people at heart and he will be in power until 2030! Mai Tt has endorsed the president and says he is a people’s person and a listening president.

Mai Tt and President ED Mnangagwa

The President of Zimbabwe is clearly a listening president as seen by the pictures and the warm gesture of his hand on Mai Tt’s hand. That alone shows the man is listening and will soon get things done. I wonder if he can fix the deportation issue because that is where the war started…

A few questions come to mind when I know President ED was with Mai Tt.

  1. I wonder what the two talked about?
  2. I wonder if the President has ever had Mai TT swearing at people on Facebook?
  3. Is Mai Tt going to see Victor for her Aqua or is it a Mercedes Benz C200?

Pity we will never get answers to those first 2 questions but the Victor part we will surely know soon enough. Anyways Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there. Maybe next year you might spend the day with the president!