In this age of digital technology, it’s largely young people who take the risk of meeting new individuals online.

Many people make this choice since dating apps provide a large space in which to meet potential lovers.

However, the more time people spend online looking for love or the right person, the more depression, rage, and anxiety they develop.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using dating apps; the disadvantages should really concern you.

Here’s how dating apps leave you depressed

1. Low self-esteem

Constant rejection from people you meet online can leave you wondering and questioning your worth. It could bite your self-esteem and make you feel you’re not good enough.

2. Fake identities

On online dating applications, there are a lot of liars and deceivers. When you learn about their true identity, such as their financial situation, height, personality traits, and even their marital status. It might lead to trust issues and emotional collapse.

3. Huge risk of meeting abusers

Meeting people online comes with a lot of risk. When you eventually meet them, you could be raped, abused, beaten, or even kidnapped.

4. Frustration

Experiencing constant rejection or meeting people who aren’t interested in you can leave you and your love life frustrated.

5. Unlimited number of options

Dating apps gives you a variety of choices. This sounds like a good thing, but on the flip side, too many options confuse the brain. As a result, having too many options on dating apps can lead to confusion over who to date.

6. Social awkwardness

Because of the vast number of people you might meet online, becoming addicted to dating apps can cause you to avoid going out with friends and networking with other people. If you continue like this, it’s only a matter of time before you become socially awkward.

Imagine getting acquainted with a stranger online and travelling miles to meet them only to find out they lied about their real identity. There’s no way that won’t leave you devastated. Dating apps can be fun but they can also leave you depressed if you’re not cautious.