While some may want to keep their houses very elegant and subtle, others may want to go all out to experiment with things and give their house a different feel.

Most of the time, it may land our desired results, but there can be times when we just end up making our house loud, shouty, and cluttered.

The credit may go to our choice of furniture, home décor, and even colours. Yes, you read that right. Here is a list of 3 colours that you should never use in your house as they may give your house sad and negative vibes and you may end up feeling blue.

1. Black

While black can be your go-to colour when it comes to clothes and accessories, it shouldn’t be your choice when it comes to your house. Painting your house black or using home décor items that are mostly black in colour may give your house a dark feel. Your house will appear to be dimly lit and may even emit depressing vibes. Add to that, you may lose your focus and motivation, since it may make the environment lazy and fill it with screaming silence that may eat you up from inside.

2. Pink

Why not pink, it’s such a beautiful colour, you ask? Indeed, it is. But since the colour is on the lighter side it may look dirty after some time. Dirt, pollution and stains will shine bright on this beautiful colour and you may need to spend much on its maintenance. If you have pink walls, they will lose their shine in a few months and you may need to change them sooner than later. Also, while it may give you a feel-good feeling, if the hue isn’t right, it can break the deal for you. At times, pink can be a tricky colour to use and coordinate with other colours, more so, if your house is a bit on the darker side.

3. Dark green

Another colour that can potentially threaten the look of your house is dark green. While not many people dare to use this bold colour in their house, there are some out-of-the-box thinkers that may want to give it a try. So, save yourself from the hassle of having to live in a gloomy environment with sadness gripping every nook and corner of your house. However, if it’s about a cushion cover or a small piece of décor that has a touch of dark green or is of this colour, it won’t do much harm. But make sure, you only give a hint of this colour so that it blends in well with all the other colours and make your house beautifully vibrant. And, in the end, it will be your house that will do all the talking.