Rapper AKA and Nadia Nakai are the hottest couple in town after it was made known that the two are currently in a romantic relationship.

However, the star and his ex and baby mama DJ Zinhle have been a topic of a lot of conversation recently as he has been dishing out on her.

AKA in a recent interview shares how he and DJ Zinhle first met.

In the video, he said they first met at a gig they were both playing, but it was not the first time they spoke.

AKA revealed that Zinhle had slid in his DMs first, when she saw that they were both booked for the same event. She made her case, saying she would love to do a song with him, but he did not buy her reasons.

They finally met, but she did not let him “hit” on the first day but he was proud of himself for getting her eventually, which gave the audience quite the chuckle.

The clip caused so many controversy as tweeps shared their thoughts.

Watch video below: