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7 Factors You Must Consider When Selecting A Betting App


Tips: How To Choose A Betting App

Today, every average individual owns a smartphone and every average bettor uses their mobile to bet. And while some of them use mobile apps already, many are still yet to see the light. Using sites is great but apps provide a significantly better experience that no one should miss.

However, another lingering question is – how do I choose the best betting app for myself? As there are so many scams, it is very easy to fall prey to malicious software. We don’t want such a thing to happen to you so we have fashioned these tips to aid you in choosing your betting apps. Enjoy!

Prioritise Legality

In everything you do, legality should be your number one casino. If the brand does not possess a valid licence, it is deemed illegal. And using their app means you are using an unauthorised app. It is why if you check any of the Best Betting App: South Africa recommended by us, all of them are licensed and regulated.  

Licensing also goes beyond having a number to certify operations. There are several gambling bodies and we only advise you to stick with apps that the brand possesses a licence from a recognized and reputable body. And most importantly, the organisation should also be legally permitted to certify apps in your region.

Betting App

User Interface

The looks of betting apps also matter in our books. We rate them based on their interface because they are money-making applications which is a very delicate subject. The buttons must be visible and clickable. It is very important because a poorly designed app can cause you to lose money. 

So before you commit to any app, navigate the interface and ensure that you understand. Figuring out how an app works should not take very long so if you don’t get it in a little time, it is a red flag.

Safety and Security

If you can’t use a betting app without fear or worry for your safety, stay away from it. You need to be assured and confident that you are safe and that none of your information is at risk. One way to go about it is to check the online reputation of the operator.

The gambling community is an open one and users easily drop reviews on their experiences with using apps. And they are readily available online. So take a little time to read other players’ genuine thoughts about the operator and their apps. You can also try to confirm whether the operator has had sanctions or violations in the past—and if it is a result of jeopardising the safety of their customer. Putting these pieces together will help you to decipher if an app is safe or not.

Customer Support

As perfect as we want every operator to be, we also need to be realistic with ourselves. We do not overrule some occasions where you may face problems with the app. And while the issue may be from your end most times, it can also be from the operator. What is important is their response to the situation. And that is where customer support comes in.

Not only should a good app allow you customer support, but it must also be effective and they must be responsive. There are various ways to reach out to them like emails, and calls, but the best in our books is live chat which has 24/7 support. We love that option because you get to chat with an agent directly and get the exact answers you seek.

Payment Options

In most sports betting apps, depositing is never a problem. But when it is time to withdraw the money, it becomes a big issue. Anyone who has had withdrawal issues will tell you the frustration that comes with it. Imagine risking so much real money and learning about betting options to gain some money, and when you finally make the profits, you can’t withdraw it.

The good news is that you can avoid such problems in advance. And that is by verifying the avoidable payment methods before you start using the app. Ensure that your preferred option is among or else you may have a hard time getting your profits back to you.

Bonuses and Promotions

Any bettor that states that they don’t like bonuses or promotions is hard to believe because who doesn’t? Such incentives come in handy and everyone loves them. But imagine not being able to claim it because you use an app. No one would like to have such an encounter. That is why you need to check for the available bonuses before signing up on the app.

We should also remind you that when considering bonuses, you should not chase big figures. What you should always look out for are the wagering requirements. Those requirements are what will determine how easily you can claim the bonuses. Offers with higher and unrealistic wagering requirements are not worth claiming no matter the size of the prizes.

Sport Variety

A sports betting app should contain as many sports as possible. Some may claim that they bet on only one app but that is not an excuse for scanty sport selection in a bookie. We see it as a sign of incompetence so you should avoid such brands.

Sometimes, other sports may present better opportunities so it is best to have them present. You never know which one will provide your next huge profits. 

Wrap Up

When choosing a betting app, the first thing is to access the brand, not the app. If the brand is not able to pass some tests like the legality and security tests, then the app is not worth it. And if the brand qualifies, it doesn’t automatically make its app a good one—you will still need to review it according to the several criteria we listed.


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