Tatenda Mavetera - Digitalize Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Minister of ICT, Postal, and Courier Services, Honorable Tatenda Mavetera, yesterday spearheaded the launch of Digitalize Zimbabwe in Goromonzi West, Domboshava. Accompanied by Dr. Chirume, the permanent secretary of ICT, Minister Mavetera passionately urged the community of Domboshava to embrace the Digitalize Zimbabwe vision for 2030.

“We aim to ensure that students in Domboshava have access to the internet and possess their own computers, as part of our efforts to digitize Domboshava.”

Tatenda Mavetera - Digitalize Zimbabwe

Emphasizing the importance of nationwide digitalization, she highlighted the transformative impact it brings, citing examples such as the shift from traditional Post Office transactions to convenient online services available from home.

“The resonant theme of Digitalize Zimbabwe receives strong backing from the President’s decision to appoint me as the Minister of ICT, indicating his visionary belief in the youth’s capacity to drive the country’s digitalization.”

Minister Mavetera underscored the educational benefits of digitalization, noting that online learning is now accessible with computers.

“Education no longer requires physical presence of teachers; nowadays, learning can be done online. As we witnessed during the COVID era, students shifted to online learning platforms.”

“We advocate for virtual doctor appointments, highlighting the convenience of accessing medical consultations online.”

Ensuring seamless network connectivity, she assured that collaborations with major providers like Econet, NetOne, and Telecel are underway to offer affordable gadgets and expand internet accessibility to all.

Tatenda Mavetera - Digitalize Zimbabwe

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Highlighting the government’s commitment, she mentioned the installation of a network booster in Domboshava, demonstrating President Mnangagwa’s dedication to improving digital infrastructure across the country. Moreover, she unveiled plans for online currency access, affirming the government’s resolve to ensure universal digital inclusion.

The Digitalize Zimbabwe program unveiled the Digitalize Zimbabwe Magazine during the launch, alongside the Presidential Internet Scheme aimed at digitizing internet services in public institutions. This initiative heralds a new era in Zimbabwe’s technological advancement, promising a digital landscape that empowers citizens and institutions alike.