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Zimbabwe News

Man found dead in police custody


A man, identified as Martin Dube from Bulawayo’s Entumbane suburb, was involved in a violent altercation with his in-laws that tragically culminated in loss of life, including his own.

The incident unfolded when Dube visited Emganwini suburb to pick up his children for a weekend visit, but tensions escalated over allegations of unpaid child maintenance. In a fit of rage, Dube reportedly grabbed a kitchen knife and attacked his father-in-law, stabbing him in the arm. Despite attempts by others to intervene, Dube continued his assault, also stabbing his mother-in-law in the breast and thigh.

Neighbors responded to the disturbance, prompting Dube to flee. However, he was pursued and captured by bystanders who then turned him over to the authorities at Nkulumane Police Station.

Facing charges of attempted murder, Dube tragically ended his own life while in police custody, prior to his scheduled court appearance. Law enforcement officials refrained from immediate commentary on the incident.

The series of events underscores a devastating escalation stemming from a domestic dispute, resulting in injuries and loss that have deeply affected the families involved.

In other news – NetOne loses ZiG285 000 to a hacker

NetOne Cellular reportedly suffered a loss amounting to ZiG285,817 due to an alleged hacking incident exploiting the RTGS to ZiG currency conversion starting in April. Takunda Gwaranda, aged 21, has been implicated in the incident and appeared before Harare magistrate Mr. Dennis Mangosi. He faces charges of fraud and money laundering and has been remanded in custody pending a bail application.

According to Prosecutor Mr. Thomas Chanakira, between May 10 and 13, Gwaranda accessed NetOne’s OneMoney Wallet through a hacked system and transferred ZiG285,817 to various EcoCash accounts. Read More

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