98 carat diamonds

Five individuals are currently facing charges related to theft following their apprehension for allegedly pilfering diamonds at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport. Silas Chirume (54), Edward Jacob Gunda (62), Maison Phiri (37), Steven Wahita (56), and Isaac Muripa (37) have been detained pending a bail hearing scheduled for the upcoming Monday.

The accusations against them stem from the purported theft of diamonds weighing 98 carats from a local diamond company. The sequence of events unfolds from a recent diamond packing exercise conducted by Anjin Investments Pvt Ltd in readiness for shipping the diamonds to the United Arab Emirates.

During this packing process, personnel from various entities, including Anjin Investments Pvt Ltd, Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe, and a member from CID Minerals Flora and Fauna Unit Harare, alongside the customer, were present. Among these personnel were the accused individuals, tasked with packing 100 parcels into 10 bags before sealing them in a trunk.

Allegedly, the five accused collaborated and succeeded in absconding with one sachet containing diamonds weighing 98.20 carats. Upon the consignment’s arrival in the United Arab Emirates, the customer discovered that parcel number 39, containing diamonds of the said weight, was absent from the received consignment. This discovery prompted Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe to report the shortfall to the authorities, leading to an investigation.

On May 3, 2024, detectives from CID Minerals Flora and Fauna Unit retrieved CCTV footage capturing one of the accused individuals pocketing a sachet of diamonds while being observed by his co-accused. Subsequent to their arrest, Chirume confessed to his involvement and implicated his alleged accomplices, disclosing that they had sold the diamonds for US$20,000.