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Russian missile strike claims 29 Lives


In a brazen daytime assault on Monday morning, Russia launched a barrage of missiles on various cities across Ukraine, resulting in the deaths of at least 29 civilians and causing extensive damage, including severe destruction at Kyiv’s primary children’s hospital, officials reported.

The harrowing scenes unfolded as hundreds of volunteers rushed to clear debris at the hospital, where shattered windows and torn-off panels bore testament to the devastating airstrikes. Distraught parents clutched their infants, navigating through streets strewn with wreckage, overwhelmed by the rare daylight attack from the skies. Svitlana Kravchenko, 33, recounted her ordeal to Reuters, describing how she struggled to shield her baby amidst the chaos: “It was terrifying. I couldn’t breathe, trying desperately to protect him with whatever I had.”

President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the assault, revealing that more than 40 missiles had been fired by Russia, targeting residential areas, commercial buildings, and critical infrastructure not only in Kyiv but also in his hometown of Kryvyi Rih, Dnipro, and other eastern cities. The strikes in Kyiv alone claimed ten lives and left 35 injured, with subsequent attacks elsewhere adding to the toll.

The toll continued to mount as the day progressed: eleven confirmed fatalities in Kryvyi Rih, casualties in Dnipro, and further deaths in Pokrovsk, where an industrial facility was hit. The gravity of the situation prompted urgent calls for international intervention, with Zelensky urging global solidarity to halt the Russian airstrikes: “The entire world must act decisively to end these attacks. Murder—that’s what Putin brings. Only together can we achieve real peace and security.”

The Russian Defense Ministry asserted that its strikes targeted defense industry sites and aviation bases, dismissing accusations of deliberately attacking civilians despite mounting civilian casualties since the invasion’s onset in February 2022.

The assault coincided ominously with an upcoming NATO summit, underscoring the escalating tensions and the urgency of international responses to safeguard European security. The US Ambassador to Kyiv, Bridget Brink, denounced the “callous aggression” and pledged enhanced security commitments to Ukraine during the summit.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Defense Minister, Rustem Umerov, highlighted the critical shortage of air defense systems, calling urgently on allies to expedite the supply of such equipment to protect cities and vital infrastructure from relentless Russian aerial assaults. The city of Kyiv, already battered by sustained attacks, witnessed extensive damage to electricity substations and networks, exacerbating widespread power cuts and necessitating the pervasive use of backup generators.

As the turmoil persisted, residents remained on edge, bracing for further aerial engagements and the haunting echo of explosions, underscoring the relentless humanitarian crisis and the imperative for swift and decisive international action.

In other news – South African soccer star Portia Modise held at gunpoint during car hijacking

Portia Modise, the former captain of South Africa’s national football team, has made a heartfelt appeal to her fans for assistance in recovering her car following a harrowing hijacking incident outside her home in Soweto.

In a video shared on Instagram, Modise recounted how she was confronted by armed individuals who stole her mobile phone, and keys and drove away with her vehicle. The Portia Modise Foundation disclosed that the renowned Banyana Banyana star remains deeply affected by the ordeal. Read More

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