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Man tries to smuggle 100 live snakes in his pants


Animal smuggling remains a significant global issue, posing a grave threat to various species and exacerbating the risk of extinction. Recently, Chinese customs officials encountered a peculiar case that underscored the challenges they face.

At the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border crossing, a man attempted to pass through the ‘nothing to declare’ gate unnoticed. However, his suspicious behavior caught the attention of vigilant customs officers. Upon closer inspection, officials discovered a startling find concealed within the man’s trousers: 104 live snakes.

The snakes, packed in six canvas drawstring bags and sealed with tape, were of various sizes, shapes, and colors. Video footage released later depicted the astonishing sight of border guards examining translucent plastic bags filled with wriggling white, red, and pink snakes.

Chinese authorities swiftly addressed the incident, emphasizing that those violating wildlife protection laws would face legal consequences. China, despite being a hotspot for animal trafficking, has intensified efforts in recent years to combat this illegal trade. Stringent bio-security and disease management regulations prohibit the importation of non-native species without proper authorization.

This incident is not an isolated one. In a separate alarming case in Hong Kong, law enforcement authorities discovered 800 smuggled cobras. The deadly Chinese cobras were concealed in 181 plastic boxes hidden among bushes on Lantau Island’s beach.

These incidents highlight the ongoing battle against wildlife trafficking and the critical need for continued vigilance and enforcement to protect endangered species and biodiversity worldwide.

In other news – Josh Klinghoffer Sued For Wrongful Death Following An Incident Where He Allegedly Struck A Pedestrian With His Vehicle

Josh Klinghoffer, the guitarist formerly of Pearl Jam and previously of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction, is facing a lawsuit for wrongful death following a tragic traffic collision. The lawsuit, filed by the family of Israel Sanchez, alleges that Klinghoffer, 44, struck and killed Sanchez, 47, as he crossed a street in Alhambra, California, on March 18. Sanchez suffered fatal blunt-force head trauma and passed away later that day.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Klinghoffer’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, described the incident as a “tragic accident.” Brettler stated that Klinghoffer immediately stopped his car after the collision, called emergency services, and cooperated with the authorities during their investigation. Read More

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