“I’m not a CIO… but the ‘Chinese doctors’ are on a military operation”: Makandiwa Prophecy Fulfilled?. Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa in 2016 prophesied about the coming in of Chinese disguised as medical doctors and these have some hidden agenda. Permanent Secretary for Information Nick Mangwana yesterday announced the arrival of 11 medical doctors and many Zimbabweans are not happy about this development.


A Team of 11 Chinese experts in treating #Covid19Zim is expected in the country today at 16:00. These are experts with hands on experience in treating #Covid19. They will be visiting various medical centres meeting and sharing knowledge with local medical practitioners.

— Nick Mangwana (@nickmangwana) May 11, 2020

Makandiwa prophesied these people are going to come disguised as doctors in the physical but in truth, they are a military outfit. “I am not a CIO, I am not in the intelligence department… there is a group of people coming and you would think an angel has arrived but this has nothing to do with the medical sector…” Makandiwa says.

“Whoever comes in has to be investigated… because of the level of desperation, we will embrace them”

“It is an operation, they appeared as physicians but that is not the case…”

Below is Makandiwa’s prophecy; Watch:

Many Zimbabweans on Twitter castigated this arrival pointing out to the abuse of Africans including Zimbabweans in China.