Home Entertainment Zodwa Wabantu shows off her stash of alcohol

Zodwa Wabantu shows off her stash of alcohol


Zodwa Wabantu shows off her stash of alcohol. Zodwa Wabantu has made her fans envious over her alcohol collection whilst the rest of South Africa sits with dry cups.

The nationwide lockdown imposed on the country has subsequently led to an alcohol ban, meaning that no alcohol can be sold or purchased from any outlet. This has led the public to share their woes on social media, with their envy rising after seeing Zodwa’s latest post. The media personality is seen sat on her lawn whilst holding onto her alcohol bottles. Zodwa has in her possession a bottle of Johnny Walker Black and a bottle of Absolute Vodka, although she chose to have a straight shot of whiskey.

As she poured her drink, she explained that the alcohol has helped her relax amidst the chaos caused by the lockdown. She captioned the post with, “You can’t Confirm a Hustler, I love my Stress & my Problems those things are Life’s Challenges. So in coping just Dash. Desha mtasekhaya & face it Kodwa Healing anyone going thru something.”