Olinda and ex-hubby Stunner #HazvipereMushe. Olinda posts another message showing love to ex-hubby Stunner #HazvipereMushe. It’s now more than 5 times that Olinda has openly shown some love to her former hubby rapper Stunner real name Desmond Chideme. The socialite and businesswoman once again last night showed some love to Stunner whilst he was performing at the #Garamumbaiwe online concert.

These two were once love birds back in 2016. In January 2016 Stunner’s wife, Olinda Chideme posted a video on social media claiming that Stunner had cheated on her and that she was at the point of taking her own life. In the video, she revealed that she had financed Stunner‘s flamboyant lifestyle.

However, a day after the video meltdown Olinda and Stunner had reconciled. Stunner posted pictures on social media showing the two in each other’s arms. He even joked about the whole incident and Olinda seemed embarrassed about her earlier antics. In the pictures, Stunner is grinning while Olinda looks embarrassed. Olinda even posted an apology to Stunner on her Facebook page. However, the very next after the reconciliation the two had another major fight. Olinda posted another video on Facebook Live and this time Stunner’s mother and sister were present. In the video, Olinda appears to be very emotional and erupts when Stunner calls her “suicidal.” In the video, Stunner appears to dump Olinda and begins packing his stuff. However, Olinda tells him not to pack his stuff in the suitcase he was using, as she was the one who had bought it.

But fast-forward years later Olinda Chapel seems to be regretting breaking-up with Stunner. Publicly calling him with all kinds of sweet names. She started with calling him an Angel after a break-up with Tytana and very recently she called him Mutsikapanotinhira. Yesternight she posted this post below


Many believe Olinda still has feelings for her ex-hubby. Stunner is happily married to his wife Dyonne whom he has a daughter with. Many believe Olinda has a motive and we just watching the space. Here is why many are saying #HazvipereMushe.