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Chinese medical doctors arrived in Zimbabwe


Chinese medical doctors arrived in Zimbabwe. CHINESE medical doctors arrived yesterday together with a consignment of medicines and Personal Protection Equipment to help Zimbabwe fight the Covid-19 pandemic. A team comprising of 12 medical experts was received by Minister of Local Government and Public Works July Moyo in his capacity as the chairman of the Resource Mobilisation and Coordination Task Force in fighting Covid-19.


The medical experts who are expected to be in the country for the next 14 days said the Chinese Government sent them with medicines, PPEs and to share with Zimbabweans their experiences of Covid-19 and how they have managed to contain it. “We are pleased to be here as a team of Chinese medical experts sent by the Chinese Government to come to Zimbabwe to help to campaign the epidemic of Covid-19,” said the medical team leader. “I would like to thank all the doctors in this team having such a long way to come to Zimbabwe to join us to fight Covid-19 together. “The only weapon to fight against Covid-19 is the international corporation and I am very sure in solidarity China and Zimbabwe will continue to be together to win the battle finally,” he said.

Minister Moyo thanked China with the consignment he said was sourced by President Mnangagwa. “I want to thank you from this gift we are receiving from the People’s Republic of China and when you met President earlier on and pledged the support that was to come from the People’s Republic of China we did not doubt,” said Minister Moyo.

“Today is mostly symbolic and important because we receiving a gift of human beings with the expertise that they are bringing and this is the first in our endeavor to fight the pandemic. “Those experts will interact with the experts from Zimbabwe and by the time they leave we have more things to learn and it will assist in the strategy to combat Covid-19. “The consignment you brought will give hope to the whole country about our determination to fight this pandemic.

“The delegation led by the chief of the medical team will meet not just scientists they will also meet the policymakers and their contribution to fight this pandemic and will surely help us all the way,” said Minister Moyo.