Married madzimai Edith N#de pics leaked after sending to lover on WhatsApp. It seems married women are no longer afraid of cheating, and what’s more worrisome is that they don’t even take effort to cover their tracks or hide their dubious s.e.x Capades. The immorality is even spreading to churches. In fact, in churches, that’s where most of the shenanigans are taking place.

Yesterday an Apostolic woman spend the whole day trending on social media after n#de pictures of herself sent to lover were leaked. The story was however shadowed by the scandal of a thigh vendor who used juju to kill a client who had refused to pay her for her services.

Back to our story, a woman identified as Madzimai Edith had her [email protected] pictures leaked and it is believed that her lover is the one responsible for them being leaked. The lover who also goes to the same church with the Madzimai Edith. Below is the picture of the lover

Allegedly LoverThe woman and her lover were constantly messaging each other on social media platforms sending each other N#des. The woman is also married to her husband who happens to go to the same church again with these two. Picture of him below

Madzimai Edith Hubby

Below are the pictures of some of their chats taken from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger respectively

Edith WhatsApp chat

Edith on Messenger

And below is the Facebook Messenger chats

Edith FB

And here is the famous Madzimai Edith laying in bed as she sends the pictures to her lover.

Madzimai Edith in bed

For you to see and view the N#des pictures click the here.

Source – MbareTimes