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Homemade Beer Recipe That Also Boosts Your Sex Drive. Beer and sex have often been a combo that works! Many individuals have professed how they like to go under the sheets with their loved ones once tipsy. Ever since the lockdown started in South Africa, many people turned to homemade alcohol and now some couples have testified that they noticed their libido and appetite for sex once they tried the traditional homemade beer recipe. Many men have been singing praises the power of traditional homemade beer. Mzomuhle Zulu (39) from Joburg said he had to venture into the informal settlements to get his traditional homemade beer.

“When the beer was introduced to me, I thought it was beneath my standard.” He said when he got home, his wife was irresistible and he was an animal in bed. “I told my wife that I had found the beer in the case. She told me not to stop,” he said. Another man who testified on how the traditional homemade beer helped with his libido, Nduduzo from Midrand said: “When I drink this beer, I become a giant in bed. My wife is loving it. I’ve never seen her so happy”.

His wife, Nomagugu, echoed the sentiments and confirmed that since her husband started drinking the beer, he is a stallion in the bedroom. ” Every day is match day and the game takes forever to end. I’m not complaining, I like it this way”. Beer seller Sbongile Dlamini (50) said the surge in men wanting the traditional homemade beer has helped her put food on the table. “Umqombothi has helped me survive”, she said.

Traditional Homemade African Beer Ingredients

500 ml maize meal
500 ml coarse sorghum
500 ml of boiling water
375 ml brown sugar, optional

Traditional Homemade African Beer Method

Mix maize meal and sorghum in a bowl.
Add boiling water to make a paste.
Put in a container in a warm area for 2 days or until it smells fermented.
Boil 1 L water in a pot and add to the paste slowly while stirring constantly over low heat for 40 minutes or until thickened.
Set aside to cool.
Mix the porridge with cold water and mix it with your hand until it’s a drinking consistency.
Add sugar (if using) to help the fermentation process and put in a dark corner for about two days.
Strain the fermented mixture, separating the coarse sorghum from the liquid. The liquid is what will be enjoyed as umqombothi or ijuba.

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