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Great man Hails Killer Zivhu Donation

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Great man Hails Killer Zivhu Donation. Musician Tongai Gwaze, better known as Great man, has received a timely boost after Chivi South legislator Killer Zivhu donated $2 000 and 40kg maize-meal on Wednesday to cushion him from the effects of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Zivhu, through his Killer Zivhu Foundation, pledged to give the “Pandakazvarwa” hitmaker $2 000 weekly, and other necessary supplies for his upkeep until the end of the lockdown.

The donation followed signs of distress shown by Greatman when he posted pictures on social media showing how he was trying to raise money through selling tomatoes along a road in his suburb.

Zivhu, who has helped Greatman before, said he was touched by the musician’s plight and decided to chip in through his foundation.

“In these times of Covid-19, the best way is to stay indoors so that one avoids being infected, and it is not proper that Greatman is seen at that table out there selling tomatoes,” he said.
“He is a well-known musician and a celebrity in his own right.

This means many people will throng to his stall, not to buy tomatoes, but to just see him and sometimes demand selfies with him. There is no way he would deny his fans such an opportunity, and in the process he will end up being infected with Covid-19.”

Zivhu said he understood the plight of musicians during the lockdown period when they cannot book shows, which are the major source of their income.

He said he would continue helping Greatman in different ways to ensure he concentrates on his musical career without other distractions.

Greatman thanked Zivhu, who last year helped him shoot a video, for his timely intervention.

“My wife and I are very grateful to you Sir for chipping in at a time we needed some help.

I was being forced by the circumstances to sell those tomatoes. But now there will be no need for me to be out there. This gesture will help me pull through this Covid-19 lockdown.”

Greatman criticised some musical promoters for discriminating against him when it comes to show performances.

Source- State media

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