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Winky D must nurture up-and-coming artistes: Ray Vines

Winky D must nurture up-and-coming artistes: Ray Vines. Online comedy sensation Ray Vines (real name Melusi Chiripowako) proved unpopular this past weekend after he took a dig at renowned Zimdancehall musician, Winky D, saying for him to be considered as a “big” artiste, he must a least nurture three up-and-coming artistes.

The comedian said this while conversing with Chillspot Records producer Levelz on a live video this past week.

Said Ray Vines: “Winky D anonzi mdhara but ameno zvaanongoita so, movement yake yakadhakwa. Inini kuti ndimuti mdhara, ngaambondiisira five ma artistes pamap kana three zvawo (Winky D is labelled the best, but for me to call him the best, he should at least put five or three artistes on the map).”

He went on to compare Winky D with Jah Prayzah saying he should take notes from Jah Prayzah who has promoted several musicians through his Military Touch Movement stable.

“Just like Jah Prayzah who opened his label Military Touch Movement and put artists like Nutty O, Andy Muridzo and Tahle Wedzinza among others on the map, Winky D must do the same,” he said.

This was not taken lightly by Winky D’s fans who lashed out at the 20-year-old comedian.

“The child should respect his elders. Winky D has had a lot of collaborations with other artists uplifting Zimdancehall as a whole. The lockdown is messing with his head (Ray Vines),” commented one Tinashe Sigauke.

So bad were the attacks that Ray Vines ended up apologising for his sentiments.

“Winky D is a legend and he inspires me too. Sorry guys for dissing Winky D, I have seen that he inspires a lot of people,” apologised Ray Vines.

Levelz commented saying as much as it would be nice to see Winky D grooming up-and-coming talent, it is not easy for artistes generally to create their own competition, likely explaining why Winky D has not been keen on nurturing talent.

However, some said Ray Vines was justified as Winky D is not uplifting up-and-coming talent.

“The problem with us Zimbabweans is that we don’t like criticism. Whenever someone criticizes popular artistes, we automatically get into defense mode. Ray Vines has a point. Winky D being an established artiste that he is, has the capacity to launch careers for other up-and-coming artists.

“He has a lot of money now and if he endorses three or four artistes, he will have greatly assisted them as they’ll also be able to fend for their families too, thereby developing the arts industry without affecting his talent. All it takes is a simple mention of the upcoming artistes on his social media pages,” commented one DJ Sparks.

Some simply said it was not Winky D’s place to develop talent.

“Whose job is it to promote new talent? Winky D is simply making his living, he is not a promoter,” commented one Takudzwa Chibhaira.

Source: Chronicle