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Misred: Letter to my body 2020

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Misred: Letter to my body 2020. One of the hottest and baddest media personality in the country at the moment Misred has just delivered a sweet and motivating speech on her body. This comes after days of being backlashed by socialite and comedian Shadaya. Misred real name Samantha Musa, a ZiFM presented and ZBC show presenter.

She is constantly attacked because of how she expresses herself especially with the king of pictures she sometimes posts on her social media platforms. Misred is a thick person, which makes her a target for many men who socially bully thick women. She has often posted saucy pictures which most of the time turn to get her attacked. But she is not offended or rather cares about it, she knows her goals and she keeps focused and never looks back.

So she has a message to herself particularly her body. This is what she had to say about her body.

A few years ago I wrote a letter to myself and girls who are just like me & titled it “ A letter to my body”! I did this because I grew up in a world with very specific messaging around physical appearance i.e black is ugly. That plus size is disgusting and curves make you provocative, promiscuous and unholy. A big nose makes you unattractive, kinky hair makes you second class, thick thighs are vulgar! And yet I was and I AM all these things….

And more! Today I look back at the power of those words and put them out again to someone who may need to hear this….. All this made me feel inadequate and insecure about my body! Did God make a mistake on me?? Surely I cannot be a mistake and all that I am is because there must be beauty in difference?!?!! This kept me always at odds with what the world told me was beautiful.

Now in my adult life I still fight these feelings and what people say to me because, God forbid if I wear a swimsuit to a swimming pool “You are sending out the wrong message to younger folk who look up to you”….  or “is that the position your brand is now taking”… lol,

I’m not sure if swimming in a dress works!! It’s forever contextual! But my biggest fight is ‘How do I tell other young people that you don’t have to conform to other people’s version of beautiful’ because your differences are what make this world so beautiful and diverse! I want to show them that in a world full of conditioning on tv, magazines, songs,
social media…. it’s hard to really see your value proposition…. but I promise, you were made exactly the way God intended!

Over the years I have encountered so many women who just like me beyond the exterior, there is an even an even more powerful interior! I want to remind you that you are enough. You are beautiful just as you are! And If you also feel you want to work towards another version of yourself, that’s also ok! Be true to yourself whatever that may be!  “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you into something else is the greatest achievement” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Source – MbareTimes