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Side chick WhatsApp chat, n#des leaked


Side chick WhatsApp chat, n#des leaked. It never rains but pours for side chicks who are going after married men as they are being busted left right and center. Recently we put an article about an SA student who also had a video leaked of herself playing with her Jay.

It seems these girls don’t learn at all. With the rate many side chicks or small houses have been busted in the last couple of weeks in February to be exact, we thin by now they should have learned their lesson but it seems they don’t at all.

The woman we have in our article today goes by the name of Moreblessing Kachepa who is a side chick to a man whom his name was not disclosed.

In the WhatsApp chat that was leaked, we can see that she was begging for the man to have s.e.x with her saying she had missed his manhood and demanding him to make a plan to come and give her what she wanted.

The man then asks for n#des which at first Moreblessing refuses to say the man’s wife might take his on and see the pictures.

Moreblessing and her friendBut she, later on, sends te n#de pictures and oh my what a disaster it has come to be for her. We have some of the pictures of her that we found on Facebook and she is actually a beautiful woman.

Moreblessing Leaked Chats


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