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Respect the lockdown says Madzongwe


Respect the lockdown says Madzongwe. “l want to urge everyone to stay safe wherever they are and should exercise preventive measures so that they can be safe from this disease”.“We know that this disease is upon us and l want to urge everyone to be safe and let’s help fight this disease by staying at home”.
“And we know that we can fight this. It is my wish for everyone to be safe so that we can all celebrate when this is over or maybe people can come watch us playing,” he said. Platinum midfielder Kevin Madzongwe has warned fans to adhere to government lockdown rules to help in combating the spread of Covid-19.

He added that keeping fit is not hard if one is committed.
“It’s not that hard keeping fit because you can also keep fit using a mat at home and doing exercise, it’s not expensive.
“It only requires discipline for one to be fit and if you’re you will not have any problem.”
The Warriors midfielder says he misses football and he is doing all he can to make sure that he maintains fitness.“We’ve been preparing for the season before it was put on hold.
“So l think l am still fit since our bodies were being prepared and even with the national team since we were training for the CHAN tournament.

“But l am training hard and making sure that l stay fit as possible and we can’t wait to play.“And we’ve also been participating in the CAF Champions league competitions.

“But our health comes first and l am hopeful that all this will be over soon and everything will return to normalcy if only people adhere to the social distance rule,” he said.
He added:“To other players my advise is as much as we try to keep ourselves fit, we should also be alert and know what’s happening so that we can also teach others.
“I’ve noticed that some players have been doing videos warning people and that’s a good thing because we are role models to the society and l think we have a part to play to help others.”

Madzongwe added that people should trust in God.
“My advise is that we should also pray to God so that he can help us with ideas for a cure since the doctors and scientists are failing to get one.
“We should also pray to God to keep us safe from this plague.
“I believe that if we put our trust in him, everything will be okay,” he said.

Source- H-Metro