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Prisca Mupfumira granted $5 000 bail



Prisca Mupfumira

High Court judge Justice Amy Tsanga yesterday granted former Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Prisca Mupfumira $5000 bail coupled with stringent conditions.

Justice Tsanga ordered Mupfumira to surrender her two passports or any other travel documents and the title deeds of house number 51 Fairway, Mt Pleasant.

She is to report twice a week at Avondale Police Station, not to interfere with State witnesses and to continue residing at her Mt Pleasant home.

Mupfumira was in custody for almost two months. Her legal counsel, Advocate Thabani Mpofu, told the court that at 68-years of age, Mupfumira is a grandmother and keeping her in custody is unacceptable.

“She has given assurance in money, property and surrendering her two passports including the one with a 10-year UK visa that she will not abscond. There is no evidence that she owns and controls properties outside the country,” said Advocate Mpofu.

“It was the onus of the State to prove that the 10-year visa was granted as an exception. Ngoni Masoka (former Secretary for Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare), who is in similar circumstances, was granted bail.

“It is the State that went to the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) for the loan and Masoka facilitated the loan. The prosecution makes no mention of this. They overlooked that NSSA is governed by a board of people with diverse competencies.”

Prosecutor Mrs Sharon Fero told the court that Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom (UK), a country for which Mupfumira has a 10-year visa, have no extradition treaty.

“The State’s fears that Mupfumira is a flight risk are not far-fetched because Zimbabwe does not have an extradition treaty with the UK. She has two passports — a diplomatic and an ordinary one which has a 10-year visa for the UK,” said Mrs Fero.

“Although her passports can be surrendered to court to cure these fears, she might find herself in the UK nonetheless. We have accused persons whose passports were held by the court but still absconded.

“The docket in respect of the first four counts is complete and it will be submitted to the National Prosecuting Authority’s office on September 30. Prosecutor ought to furnish Mupfumira with a trial date on her next remand date, which is October 4.”

Mupfumira is facing seven counts of criminal abuse of office involving US$95 million.

Source – The Herald

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Hubby killer Anesu Mafokosho breaks down in court



Anesu Mafokosho

A woman from Chikanga who axed her husband following a domestic dispute on Christmas day last year broke down in court on Wednesday as she narrated why she committed the heinous act.

24-year-old Anesu Mafokosho of Chikanga 2 is charged with murder as defined in Section 47(1) (a) or (b) of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act Chapter 9:23.

She appeared before Justice Hlekani Mwayera at the High Court saying issues of infidelity led her to kill her husband of three years.

“I grew up in poverty and I was rejected by society. My first boyfriend’s family rejected me because I was from a poor family. Years later, I met my husband Vitalis Mudhumo, the deceased whom I dated for three months, moved in with him and got married in 2015.

“He was a good man who assisted my family with food and money as well as helping my epileptic young brother,” said Mafokosho.

She said a few months later, her marriage got complicated when Mudhumo started dating an Econet employee named Edith Marembo (28) who knew that he was a married man.

“My husband started seeing a girl from Econet, he compared me with her saying that she was better in bed and also she had a better job than mine. That angered me,” added Mafokosho.

Anesu Mafokosho

The axe Anesu Mafokosho used to kill her husband

On the day of the murder, she said the deceased came to collect his clothes so that he can leave her for Marembo.

“When he came to collect his clothes, he showed me Marembo’s pictures and love messages indicating that he was serious about leaving me for her.

“He told me not to be surprised if he had other kids out of their marriage. This angered me to the extent of striking him in the head while he was not aware,” said Mafokosho.

She said after committing the act she lived for five days in a Sakubva mountain cave attempting to kill herself in different ways but it did not work. She later decided to go to her mother’s village in Chigodora, where police found her and arrested her.

Public prosecutor Ms Jane Rose Matsikidze prosecuted while Mr Chris Ndlovu of Goneso and Ndlovu Legal Practitioners represented the accused.

The trial is still in progress and Justice Mwayera told Mafokosho to come back to court on October 16 after undergoing psychotherapy sessions.

Source – Manica Post

In Other News – Pastor Gumbura Turns Down Women after Bev Sibanda fiasco

Jailed serial rapist Robert Martin Gumbura, the former leader of the RGM End Time Message church, last week refused to pose for pictures with female musicians and actress saying that the photographs would go viral.

Pastor Gumbura

H-Metro reported that Gumbura turned down several requests from female musicians and actresses who wanted to take photographs with him and instead opted to have photographs taken with male celebrities. Is he now afraid of ladies? We wonder! see more

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Robert Mugabe buried in steel coffin, family claims people are after his body




Robert Mugabe

THE bizarre burial of Robert Mugabe saw the former Zimbabwean leader interred in a steel-lined coffin under a layer of concrete on Saturday, following a bitter dispute over his resting place between government officials, traditional leaders and family members. Twenty-two days after he died, the body of the strongman was finally buried next to his home with second wife Grace Mugabe in Kutama, Zvimba, the village of his birth, 55 miles north west of Harare.

His eldest nephew, Leo Mugabe, who played a central role in the prolonged burial drama, said the coffin which brought his embalmed body to Harare from Singapore had to be changed for security reasons.

“People really are after his body or his body parts, so we wanted something that is tamper-proof. That is why the casket was changed,” he told a local radio station.
After the coffin was lowered into the ground in a private ceremony close to the home which Grace Mugabe had built after their marriage, concrete was laid down around it.

Mugabe’s family claimed that this was the burial place he had ultimately wanted and had spoken of in the last six months of his life in Singapore, angry that he had been ousted from power two years ago by his long-time ally, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Robert Mugabe coffin

Mrs Mugabe, 54, draped in heavy black lace for more than three weeks, had made it clear to all who would listen that Mr Mnangagwa and his loyalists were not welcome at the burial. Had he been buried at Heroes Acre, the burial ground commissioned by her late husband and the resting place preferred by the government, she would not have been able to prevent their attendance. Crucially, it would also have meant him being buried next to his first wife, Sally Mugabe, still regarded by many as the “mother” of the Zimbabwean nation.

Amid various conflicting claims over his wishes, Mugabe, who died of cancer aged 95, had reportedly also said that he wanted to be buried next to his mother elsewhere in Zvimba. Leo Mugabe asserted that this was not possible due to a lack of space – although The Telegraph ascertained that there was in fact plenty of available ground within a few yards of his mother’s ornate grave.

Last week, Mrs Mugabe had come up with another proposal, saying she wanted her late husband buried in the grounds of their Harare mansion, informally known by locals as the Blue Roof.

But the Harare City Council said that was not possible as the land was not a cemetery. Mrs Mugabe then also discovered that the title deeds of the multi-million pound home, with massive landscaped grounds, lake and wildlife, was in the name of a company owned by the ruling Zanu PF party.

In a late twist in the saga, the Mugabe family had finally agreed, after negotiations with traditional leaders and the government, that the former president could after all be buried at Heroes Acre. But this was on the condition that a mausoleum would be built for him on the crest of the hill overlooking hundreds of graves of his former colleagues, mainly from the war against Rhodesian minority white rule.

Mugabe’s sons, Robert Jnr and Chatunga, agreed the site of the mausoleum, and building began – only for the plan to be changed again. The costs of the abandoned preparations are not known. The official funeral service for Mugabe, attended by 11 African heads of state, was held two weeks ago in a half empty stadium in Harare.

In other news – They wanted to steal the late Mugabe’s body parts Leo reveals – Video


Former President Mugabe’s nephew Leo has finally revealed in an interview on ZTN why Mugabe’s family has been closely guarding the body of the late founding father.

Mugabe in Coffin

In a series of sensational revelations, Leo alleges that people are after the late Mugabe’s body to use it for rituals. This is the reason why the family opted for a tamper-proof coffin to protect the late President’s body from defilement and also explains why former First lady Grace Mugabe has been keeping a keen eye on her husband’s coffin. Read more

Source: hararelive

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Harare car parks now turned into night love nests




Harare car parks

Most car parks in Harare’s suburbs have been turned into love nests by commercial s.e.x workers who find it cheaper for their clients to pay the attendants $3 per hour than spending at least $65 at lodges.

Motorists, mostly those who do not have reliable security at their homes, rely on car parks where they pay for the security of their vehicles daily.

Charges for the security of these vehicles vary with car parks.

While car parks play a crucial role in securing vehicles, hookers found it cheaper and convenient to conduct their business there at night.

In the past, couples used to book at local lodges or hotels, but the skyrocketing charges have forced them to improvise and utilise car parks.

Ladies of the night and their clients just drive into the yard and pay an entry fee of $3, which is valid for an hour.

The practise is prevalent at night and the car park owners may not be aware of the shenanigans.

A car park next to Maruta Shopping Centre in Hatfield, along Seke Road, is usually a busy spot at night as couples drive-in for intimacy.

Prostitutes, mainly from Jongwe Corner Bar and others from Maruta shopping centre and Paramount Signature, are the major clients at the car park in question.

The youthful male attendant comes out of the cabin that is closer to the gate and talks to the hookers, who appear familiar to him.

He demands his $3 before showing the lovebirds a secluded area to park their vehicle, usually behind big trucks.

The couples will enjoy an uninterrupted hour of intimacy.

However, The Herald noticed that some would just spend 10 minutes and leave before the expiry of the paid-for hour.

It is indeed a lucrative business for attendants as they pocket $3 fees throughout the night.

During a week-long investigation, The Herald counted the vehicles that got into the car park and recorded almost 90 vehicles for a single night between 9 pm and 2 am, each paying at least $3.

A few pedestrian couples would also walk into the yard where they paid the fee before being ushered into some non-runner vehicles.

The Herald interviewed a number of prostitutes along Seke Road who said their clients preferred the car park because it was cheaper and lodges were now beyond their reach.

“The car park is cheaper and convenient for us. Clients who pay us about $30 for a brief encounter, find it difficult to pay a further $50 for a lodge.

“It is better to for me to get my money and use the car park,” said one of the s.e.x workers.

Another one said the car park was closer to Jongwe and it was convenient for their business.

“I stay in Epworth and I cannot go home with a client who requires my services for a few minutes.

“It is more convenient to get into the car park and quickly come back here to look for more clients,” she said.

A survey carried out by this publication revealed that lodges considered to be affordable are charging between $50 and $90 an hour and between $150 and $200 per night.

Mugoni Lodge charges $50 for those who would want to book for a short period between 30 minute and one hour while those who want to book for the entire night will have to part with $140.

City to City Haven charges $90 per hour and one would fork out $190 for a night.

These charges are beyond the reach of many couples, who end up being regular guests at car parks.

Car park attendants are said to be making a killing from these hookers.

“Yes, many times we use these car parks for our services. Lodges are expensive for some of our clients who frequent this area. So we negotiate with car park attendants who charge $3 for a brief encounter in any of the cars available on that particular night.

In Mufakose, another s.e.x worker who thought this reporter was a client, was quick to point to a nearby car park as the best place for a “quickie”.

She even offered to pay the $3 to the car park attendant.

“I always use that car park for brief encounters. If you are interested let us go right away. I will pay the $3, and you give me $20,” she said.

Some car park attendants confirmed to the development saying they were making money out of it.

“On a good day, we realise up to $300, which we equally share with my two colleagues. We have an understanding with kombi drivers who leave their vehicles unlocked. We then offer them to those who come here without their own vehicles.

“Motorists who come here, just drive in and do whatever they want to do in their cars,” he said.

Another one said:

“We charge them $3 per hour, but on busy days we demand as much as $10. Our busy days are on Fridays and Saturdays. We also give the kombi crews a token of appreciation.”

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MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has appealed to SADC to help Zimbabwe emerge out of a recurrent political and economic crisis under the Zanu PF led government.

He was addressing thousands of party faithful who thronged Rufaro Stadium in Harare for Saturday’s MDC 20th anniversary celebrations.

Nelson Chamisa

“SADC, you must listen because if you do not resolve this issue, it will haunt you. read more

Source – The Herald

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